Gear for Fly Fishing the White Mountains of Arizona

What gear do you use when you fly fish?

In Arizona I have been fly fishing the mountain lakes for over 20 years. I found that river fishing is a great addition to my trips, but sitting in my float tube, hooking into a Rainbow Trout or Brown Trout is about the best a man can get on a Sunday!

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Arizona Lakes

My gear for the lakes consists of several items. Here is a brief list of what I use on my fly fishing trips:

  • Fly Rod – usually 7.5′ with 4-5 weight
  • Reel – I have different brands but most have 25 foot of backing along with 15 foot of line and tippet
  • Waders – Simms waders are the best on the market – 20 years and going strong
  • Fins – Force Fins – best on the market
  • Camera – yep have to have either my Iphone or my GoPro on at all times
  • Fly’s – a large and I mean a large assortment of fly’s – but usually I find one or two that are working for the day and use them – black woolly bugger – bead head, no bead head – everyday is different
  • Snacks – yep I get hungry too
  • Drinks – yep Coffee and Beer – water also
  • Float Tube – there are many choices – mine is 20 years old and going strong

Recently I have added a Garmin fish finder. Not sure on this one yet as I can’t say it’s helped. When you are fly fishing from a float tube you cannot control the direction and easily as a boat.