Simms Waders for Float Tube Fishing

When you are ready to move from the banks to the water there is no better way to be one with the fish and water than in a float tube.

Float tube fishing for trout in mountain lakes has been a passion for many years. First introduced to me by an employee and his buddy, they took me out and gave me an adventure that has now passed on to my son.

When you are in the float tube you need to protect yourself from the water, keep dry, and maybe warm and those can be accomplished by using Simms Waders.

Best Waders on the Market

How do you know you are using the best wader on the market? It lasts 20 years without any defect in the materials or flaws in the workmanship.

I’ve had the same Simms Waders since the beginning. Yes, they are old, and yes I’ve repaired them a few times from those tiny holes and some water getting through. But, they are still going strong and I don’t see them being replaced this season. As a matter of fact, I might just put them in the quality gear hall of fame when I’m finished.

When to Wear Waders?

Waders can be worn when you are fishing from a float tube, like I do or you can use them fishing from the banks of a river.

Having the right gear makes for a good fishing experience. Having he right waders whether they are pant waders, kids waders, or bootfoot waders, all are worthy of use on your next fishing trip.

Choose the right wader wisely. You may have multiple uses for your waders, therefore choosing a universal pair maybe a good choice.

I’d prefer to have multiple pairs of waders. I like to take my friends and family fishing and having a second pair has always come in handy.

Simms Collection of Waders

Current collection of Waders found on the Simms Website Include:

  • G4 – zipper front with stocking foot; durable, GORE-TEX with tear resident technology; 16,000 hours of field testing
  • G3 Guide – 4 Layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell; reliability, breathability, and all-day comfort
  • Guide Classic – Made in Montana with GORE-TEX waterproof-breathable fabrics; Stockingfoot design
  • Freestone – 60-day replacement guarantee for leaks, no questions asked; functional with excellent performance
  • Tributary – sized for men, women, and kids; entry level wader; Simms wader guarantee

Conclusion to the Simms Wader Collection

If you are looking to back a US brand product in the outdoor fishing gear world, then look no further than Simms. A huge selection of products including; jackets, tools, clothing, footwear, and a full line-up of outerwear will make shopping at the Simms website an adventure.

My opinion is they make the best Wader on the market and I own a pair. There is no question that the Simms Guarantee will come in handy and if you need to do some repairs, no problem they can help you with that also.

So don’t go picking up some cheap pair of waders for your next adventure. Pick-up the best on the market Simms.